Occupational Health Exams Done for Your Company

Occupational health exams are mandatory for companies in Mexico. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that these examinations are carried out, as it is important for employee well-being and productivity. If you want your staff to be healthy, happy and productive then take a look at this blog post on occupational health exams!

Here we outline exactly what the different kinds of exams are, why they’re so important, and a way to make sure yours are being completed as required – such as by our provider of choice, CERTOLAB Medicos Laborales.

1 — Pre-employment exam

This is the first exam that every employee should have when starting a new job. It includes physical, hereditary, and drug tests to make sure employees are fit for duty and able to do their work.

Pre-employment exams help employers to gain an accurate profile of an employee’s overall health in great detail, so they know what to expect out of that worker throughout their employment.

Your first exam should be a pre-employment screening. This is the best way to have all necessary information about an employee before they start working, and it gives them the opportunity to take any steps needed in order to be employed by your company.

The initial occupational health exams include:

a. drug testing

b. smoking & alcohol habits

c. physicals

d. family history

2 — Periodic exam

Every company should carry out a periodic examination every year. This can reveal problems that might not have been detected on the pre-employment exam, and will be more thorough in general. It’s important to find any health issues before they affect productivity or even become life threatening. These examinations are also good for spotting workplace health risks, and addressing them properly.

Some periodic exams may include:

a. hearing test

b. weight management (height, weight and BMI)

c. blood pressure check-up

d. dental exam & x-rays of the teeth if needed

e. a general physical examination with measurements for body mass index, skin fold thickness etc.

The implementation of periodic exams for a company’s employees, especially when outsourced to medical service firms, is a major quality assurance measure for the business, especially one that can easily be integrated into the company’s health and wellness program.

It is important to note that there are a number of firms in this industry, with various levels of qualifications which can also provide periodic exams for employees. You should always ensure that they have appropriate training and experience; otherwise it could result in an incorrect diagnosis or missed warning signs.

3 — Post-employment exam

These types of occupational health examinations include post-accident assessments, follow up care or treatment after an injury on site.

It’s extremely important for the employer to know what they need to do in order to keep that worker healthy and safe. This could include anything from treating an injury on site, or ensuring workers are able to go straight home after a long shift with no exposure risks, such as hearing loss. It also means being aware of any potential hazards onsite.

Trust a medical outsourcing firm, serviciomedicoempresas.com, with an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to handle your occupational health care needs. They’ll ensure the examination is conducted by an appropriate professional, then store and analyze data for you to monitor trends or spot issues in real time before they become a major problem.

This will help keep everyone safe onsite – giving them peace of mind while also ensuring their business stays compliant with Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo), and current Mexican standards.